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Privacy Policy Generator

Specially designed for Etsy shop owners!

Here's how it works
Just fill out the form on the left-hand side, and we'll tailor a policy that's as unique as your Etsy shop.

Once filled out, click "Generate" and watch as your tailor-made, designed with a U.S. lawyer, privacy policy is crafted in seconds. An unique policy designed to meet the needs of your Etsy shop. This isn't just another template but a customized policy, taking GDPR provisions into account and aligned with Etsy's terms.

Soon, within this space, you’ll see a Privacy Policy optimized for your shop, designed to build customer trust and ensure your shop's compliance with data privacy regulations.

Remember, while every effort has been made for this generator to produce a compliant and thorough privacy policy, we cannot and do not guarantee its legal effectiveness. Laws and regulations often vary and are subject to change. Consequently, this policy should not replace legal advice.

In just a few clicks, you'll have a tailor-made privacy policy that values your customers' privacy and streamlines your Etsy operations. Let's get started!